Evolution of the AGGSH e.V.

Work Community for Schleswig-Holstein Genealogy regd.

(in German: Arbeits-Gemeinschaft Genealogie Schleswig-Holstein e.V.)

A meeting of parties interested in genealogy was convoked by Hans Werner Selken in Neumuenster in the spring of 2001. Eight individuals attended the meeting on April 7th., 2001; the Genealogy Work Group (Arbeitsgruppe Genealogie) was founded at that time.

Members met in Neumuenster approx. once every two months to exchange new experiences and developments. By August, 2002 the group had grown to 16 members.

On August 31st., 2002 the name "Genealogy Work Group Schleswig-Holstein" (in German: Arbeits-Gruppe Genealogie Schleswig-Holstein), AGGSH for short, was chosen. We published the first pages on the Internet. The transcript of the census register of 1835 for Schleswig-Holstein was taken on as group project.

Then, on January 11th., 2003 the AGGSH Sponsorship Association (AGGSH-Förderverein) was founded to afford the AGGSH a legal foundation. In October, 2003 it was renamed "AGGSH e.V. (equivalent to AGGSH regd.) and the full name changed to "Work Community for Schleswig-Holstein Genealogy regd..

The different areas of expertise and interest of members and collaborators gave rise to the establishment of a number of work groups within the AGGSH regd. framework.

Status as of October, 2003:  5l members and collaborators.

Work Group Emigration (AW-AGGSH), e.g. has the ambitious project to realize an interactive emigrants' data bank on the Internet. This interactive data bank enables you to ENTER the known details of your emigrant ancestors or relatives. By quoting your e-mail address you ensure a smooth contact between you and the enquirers, thus providing an opportunity to find relatives.

Work Group Genealogy (GE-AGGSH): One of our current projects is to index the source material of the SEMINAR FOR EUROPEAN ETHNOLOGY AND POPULATION HISTORY of the Christian-Albrecht University in Kiel. An index of names is produced by this undertaking, enabling visitors to conduct a targeted search for names to determine whether an ancestor or relative is listed in this index. (see left-hand margin: "Source cards University of Kiel") Upon enquiry at or by visiting the SEMINAR you can obtain the source which was consulted to establish this listing.

Work Group Census Register (VZ-AGGSH)

Members and collaborators of the association have transcribed numerous census data , proof-read them and made them available (free of charge) on the Internet. (see left-hand margin "Transcription of the Census")

All together we aim to achieve the following:

The rationale for the AGGSH e.V. is the general and scientific research of history, genealogy and census data by using the tools of data technology.

This goal is accomplished by:

Joint intensive research into the emigration from Schleswig-Holstein and the publication of these findings;

transcribing of the Schleswig-Holstein census registers in order to make these freely available in the form of data banks;

sponsorship of historical and genealogical research by interested genealogists around the globe, in particular in co-operation with German-Danish, German-American and German-Australian researchers;

Intensive co-operation with academic institutions of the Province of Schleswig-Holstein, as well as the provincial, communal and parish archives.

We convene approx. every two months in Neumuenster to listen to interesting presentations, to give reports on our research efforts and to offer mutual help. All interested parties are welcome to attend these AGGSH fora. You can obtain details of our next meeting by sending an e-mail to the AGGSH-Forum.

Hans Peter Voss,

Chairman of the AGGSH e.V.

October, 2003


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