Work Group GENEALOGY of the AGGSH e.V.

This work group is hosted by Ursula Mueller and Hans Werner Selken

Our current projects are:

1. Establish an index of the source cards of the SEMINAR FOR EUROPEAN  ETHNOLOGY (German title: Seminar fuer Europaeische Ethnologie/Volkskunde) of the Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel)

This project creates an index of names in the card file which will enable visitors to conduct a targeted search for names in order to determine whether an ancestor or relative is listed in the file. By way of an enquiry (or a personal visit) to the above mentioned seminar at the Christian-Albrecht University you will obtain a reference to the relevant source of the file.
Parts of this index are available online.

2. Recording the "C" content of SHFam:
By this project we transcribe the "C" records in the library of the "Schleswig-Holstein Family Research union (German title: Schleswig-Holsteinischer Familienforschung e.V., Kiel) from genealogical deeds. Later on, these will be available online as GED files.


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