Work Group Census Registers of the AGGSH e.V.

Since April, 2003 this work group is being hosted by:
-Leif Glanert, coordinator for participants and the contact to "DIS" and "DDA" in Denmark.

This work group transcribes the Schleswig-Holstein Census Registers and publishes these free of charge on the Internet (see: AGGSH e.V. Publications) on its own pages as well as the data bank of the "DDA" (Dansk Data Arkiv) .

AGGSH e.V. Publications of transcribed Census Registers

Pertinent facts concerning the 1803 Census (Author: Dr. Ingwer E. Momsen)

If you are able to read old scripts and have time available to participate in this project, you are quite welcome to join. Subscribe to our AGGSH mailing list, but please sent an eMail to the coordinator too.

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