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Genealogy Work Group Schleswig-Holstein
Arbeits-Gruppe Genealogie Schleswig-Holstein

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Evolution of the AGGSH

A meeting of parties interested in genealogy was convoked by Hans Werner Selken in Neumuenster in the spring of 2001. Eight individuals attended the meeting on April 7th., 2001; the "Genealogy Work Group" (Arbeitsgruppe Genealogie) was founded at that time.
Members met in Neumuenster approx. every two months to exchange new developments and experiences. By August, 2002 the group grew to l6 members.
On August 31st., 2002 the name "Genealogy Work Group Schleswig-Holstein" (in German: Arbeitsgruppe Genealogie Schleswig-Holstein) or AGGSH for short, was chosen. We published the first pages on the Internet.
The transcript of the census register of 1835 for Schleswig-Holstein (Film #2070) was taken on as group project.

Today, as of February 19th., 2003, the AGGSH counts 52 members. The specialized expertise of individual members led to the establishment of different work groups within the AGGSH.
As of February, 2003 these are:
- Work Group Census Registers
- Work Group Emigration
- Work Group Genealogy
- Work Group Regional History
- Work Group Newsletter

It became necessary to determine an administrative frame work in order to accord the AGGSH a legal status. On January 11th., 2003 the AGGSH Sponsorship Association was founded. This Sponsorship Association represents the AGGSH in public and co-ordinates the projects of individual AGGSH work groups.

The by-laws of the Sponsorship Association determine its aims as follows:
The AGGSH (Genealogy Work Group Schleswig-Holstein) is an informal association of historians and genealogists who, without limiting their endeavors, aim to:
a) conduct joint intensive research into the emigration from Schleswig-Holstein and publication of the results;
b) transcribe the Schleswig-Holstein census registers and publish them in the form of freely available data banks;
c) enhance co-ordination between German-Danish, German-American and German-Australian historical and genealogical research projects;
d) co-operate closely with the academic institutions of the Province of Schleswig-Holstein, as well as the provincial, parochial and church archives to the extent that records are to be accessed within the framework of AGGSH research projects.

Dated 12th. February, 2003

Hans Peter Voss
President, AGGSH Sponsorship Association

  1.April 2003 Hans-Peter Voss  (H-P.V)
   17.Febr.2003 translation by Juergen P. Schultz