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Emigration from Schleswig-Holstein

AW01 Letters of emigrants  (sent to   or   received from Schleswig-Holstein)
AW10 Emigrants from  Dithmarschen
Here you find about 3600 emigrants listed by surnames who departed between 1868-1920 from the district of Dithmarschen (Northern-Dithmarschen and Southern-Dithmarschen)
Online by  Hans-Peter Voss
AW11 Emigrants of the district Rendsburg
Here you find 529 emigrants listed by surnames and also by places of origin, who left between 1868-1884 from the district of Rendsburg.
Online by  Hans-Peter Voss
AW12 189 Emigrants of the isle of Fehmarn 
Online by   Hans-Peter Voss
AW30 "wo sind sie geblieben"
Emigrants, located in US imigrantion documents. The listed information was researched by Mr. Hans-Georg Boyken. Additions were researched by Mr. Ralph M. Huppert
Online by  Hans-Peter Voss

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