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Genealogy Work Group Schleswig-Holstein
[Arbeits-Gruppe Genealogie Schleswig-Holstein]
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Genealogical enquiries to the AGGSH
-how does this work?-


External enquiries are moderated.
The enquirer receives a welcoming note from the moderator.
The coordinator of the relative work group circulates the enquiries within the internal mailing list.
Members of the AGGSH who are able to respond will do so directly to the enquirer.
Our members will add to their reply the notation: "Member of the AGGSH".
Should the AGGSH be unable to help, other relevant links will be indicated.
... here you can reach the form

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1.April 2003 Hans-Peter Voss (H-P.V)

27.Jan.2003 = translation by Juergen P. Schultz