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Genealogy Work Group Schleswig-Holstein
Arbeits-Gruppe Genealogie Schleswig-Holstein

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Present Constitution
of the Genealogy Work Group Schleswig-Holstein
(Arbeits-Gruppe Genealogie Schleswig-Holstein, AGGSH for short).

l) The Work Group

The AGGSH is an informal association of genealogists and historians. Parameters of research of the AGGSH comprise the Province of Schleswig-Holstein.
The AGGSH is independent of any other association.
The Work Group VZSH is a division within the AGGSH responsible solely for the
processing and transcribing of census registers of the Province of Schleswig-Holstein

2) Aims of the AGGSH

2.1 Research and documentation
Research and documentation of emigrants from Schleswig-Holstein (Shipping lists and passenger manifests) Nexus proposals, i.e. applications to emigrate; settlement of emigrants in North and South America, Australia and New Zealand)
2.2 Census registers
a) Gathering all available census registers concerning Schleswig-Holstein
b) Transcription of so far unpublished census registers.
c) Coordination with the "Dansk Demografisk Database".
2.3 Internet
Online publication of the work projects of the AGGSH relating to:
a) Census registers
b) Emigration records
c) Schleswig-Holstein genealogies by members only
d) Publication of research sources
e) Publication of local history essays

3) Membership

3.1 Requirements
Anyone may become a member. Membership, however, is subject to the following conditions:
a) Active participation
b) Free contribution of already established personal research
c) Full membership is to be preceded by a six-months'guest membership.
3.2 Guest membership
Acceptance of a new guest member is determined jointly by the Speaker and the Webmaster(s) of the AGGSH by means of a majority vote.
3.3 Full membership
The members of the AGGSH decide, by a simple majority vote, whether to accord full membership.
3.4 Corresponding members
Co-workers of the individual work groups (e.g. the AGGSH-VZ) who have taken an active part, without actually being members, may become members of the AGGSH under rules 3.2 and 3.3 above. Active participation in a work group for a period of six months fulfills the requirements for a guest membership per article 3.2 above.
3.5 Sustaining Members
There exists the possibility to support the functions of the AGGSH financially.
The minimum annual fee for sponsors is 50.00, due on January 15th. of the respective calendar year.
Sustaining members have no further responsibilities beyond the payment of dues, nor do they enjoy voting rights at members' meetings.
3.6 Transfer of Rights
The transfer of membership or membership rights outside the membership roaster, or of voting rights to a third party is not permitted.
3.7 Termination of membership
a) Tentatively: by decision rendered under article 3.2 above
b) by majority vote of the members
c) by declaration of resignation
d) at death of the member

4) Caveat
The above regulations remain in effect until the members may formulate a final version.

The AGGSH in December 2002 (Hans Werner Selken, Speaker of the AGGSH)

Start-page of the AGGSH

1.April 2003 Hans-Peter Voss (H-P.V)
28.Dec.2002 translation by Norman Valentine and Juergen P. Schultz